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Experience the very first shooter from this legendary series.

From the creator of Chuhou Joutai and running on that game's engine, Drillimation Systems now has ported the first shooter game and second installment of ZUN's legendary series to PC.

Some time has passed since you defeated Sariel in the Aetherworld or Konngara in the Netherworld. After you return from training in the mountains, you are greeted with an unexpected surprise at the Hakurei Shrine: dozens of Bakeboo have swarmed the shrine and you obviously don't know the source of them.

This time, you take charge of two yin-yang orbs and you pilot your servant turtle Genji to go and find the source of them. But those monsters aren't just Bakeboo - other friendly or unfriendly faces you encounter along the way are a tank engineer, a youkai-born from the future, and the vengeful ghost you previously encountered in the Netherworld. You better stick to the corner trying to power up your attack. Because when you meet her, it's your job to seal her away! Think you're up to this? Good luck.




Play order/プレイ順序:

  1. The Highly Responsive to Prayers
  2. The Story of Eastern Wonderland
  3. The Phantasmagoria of Dimensional Dreams
  4. Lotus Land Story
  5. Mystic Square


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