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Step into the mansion of dreams!

You're in trouble again. You've woken up to another youkai invasion at the Hakurei Shrine, and you'll be wondering where the source of them all have come. As you go through the mountains and under a lake, you'll find yourself in a strange mansion full of mysteries. What might you find there? Somebody will be awaiting you in her bedroom, ready to give your worst nightmare.

But who's with you? Marisa joins your party in the game that would define what you know today. What else? The Spell Card System - a feature absent from the original, will amaze you with beautiful patterns like never before. You will certainly have a blast in this NES-inspired port for your PC. The sound has also been greatly powered up as well, with it feeling like you're playing an actual NES! But one more - are you willing to survive the massive amount of danmaku that will be thrown at you? Good luck, and stay sharp.




Play order/プレイ順序:

  1. The Highly Responsive to Prayers
  2. The Story of Eastern Wonderland
  3. The Phantasmagoria of Dimensional Dreams
  4. Lotus Land Story
  5. Mystic Square


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