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Welcome to the Ultimate Touhou Experience.

Just days after you stopped a youkai invasion at the Hakurei Shrine, demons have started invading Earth. You learn the source is actually from the Aetherworld, which you've visited before. A mysterious cave under the mountains will lead you there. What you'll find is a massive fortress that houses the eternal creator of the Aetherworld, Shinki. What kind of holy power does she possess and whose legend would truly unfold? Only you can answer that question.

This is the experience of tomorrow and the distant future. It's ideally an ultimate one. Many of the same mechanics from the previous experience are also here, but two new characters join your party - Mima and Yuuka. Dozens of references to RPGs are also here. Make sure you have a safe journey through the Aetherworld as the soundtrack will treat your PC like an actual NES!




Play order/プレイ順序:

  1. The Highly Responsive to Prayers
  2. The Story of Eastern Wonderland
  3. The Phantasmagoria of Dimensional Dreams
  4. Lotus Land Story
  5. Mystic Square


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